Small Angel Callers, silvertoned traditional spheres

$12 $20

The legend of the Angel Caller necklace is centered on the Bola ball which accompanies this delicate piece of jewelry. Originally used as an aid to pregnancy; the Bola ball makes a chime sound said to calm the soul of mother and child. Throughout the ages, Angel Callers have been used to calm anxiety in the wearer, giving them a soothing sound to refocus on when stress is high. Originating in the Mayan culture, the Angel Caller (which is actually the Bola ball inside the necklace holder) emits an original soft chime said to call forth the Guardian Angel we each have for protection.
Many cultures have used the Bola and a holder to keep a pregnant woman safe. The Angel Caller is then passed to the baby for safety. An aroma disk can also be used in the Angel Caller in place of the Bola. This is a perfect gift for someone with stress and anxiety; a quick way to combat these antagonists when you are busy with life. This gunmetal finish necklace comes with your choice of sterling silver chain either snake or beaded.
A Bola ball is also included.

Style 1.  Round traditional sphere with small painted flower

Style 2  Round traditional sphere with yellow and purple handpainted flower

Style 3. Winged round traditional sphere

Style 4  Small traditional sphere

Limit on order. Only one of each item is allowed per order.

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