Three Milled Sweet Milk Soap, Honeydew Melon for Sensitive Skin

$8 $20
Most soaps are once milled. This means they go through the processing saponification process one time. When a soap is cooked, strained of water, recooked and starved twice more, you have a three milled product. Each time we process this soap, we use a different liquid for the second and third times. Milk is a favorite because of the incredible benefits to the skin,. We add our vitamin cocktails plus turmeric and collegen as always.

three milled soap is rare and it is an incredible experience to be involved in. This is a Special Event Soap which means a very small batch was made and sells soon. Our Three milled soap includes no colorant. It is a naturally chocolate brown color, dense and hard, and lasts quite a while.

This soap is a must experience for Aromatherapy and texture enthusiasts. Each package contains 4.5-5.5 ounces , 2-3 bars.

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