Booze Bar

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Our CocoSoy candles for the Booze Bar come in flat black tins, decorated in Prohibition style.  These are just as strongly scented as all of our candles, x 6.  



This is a clean scent.  Called "the water of life", this candle is presented in a glass holder.

Top notes:  alcohol, smoked oak

Middle notes: patchouli, birch, tar

Base notes: smoke, oak, tonka, beer



Top: notes: malt liquor

Middle: notes  fruity mix of strawberry, pinneapple, apple, raspberry

Base notes: hops

Kentucky Bourbon

This is a dark and moody flavor.

Top notes: bourbon, rum, cognac

Middle notes: geranium. palmarosa, rose'

Base notes: cedar, retiron


Black Cherry Merlot


Top notes:  black currant, apple

Middle notes:  black cherry, cloves, patchouli, nutmeg, aevona. red wine

Base notes: aged oak. amber. vanilla


Grapefruit Bellini

A fruity, vacation themed scent, light and sweet

Top notes: pineapple, jasmine, grapefruit

Middle notes: peach nector, mango, rhubarb

Base notes: sugared musk



s dark and moody


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