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Fluffy Whipped Soap

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Our whipped soap is made from the same base recipe as our luxurious bar soaps. We start with a moisturizing base, add our vitamin infusion, extra emollients and imported cla.ys.

Different scents of our whipped soap contain different clays and additives.  The clay type dictates the pastel color of the whipped product.  Our whipped soap will nourish, moisturize and fortify your skin.  This has a great lather and smells amazing.  

Aromatherapy is concentrated in humidity.  Taking a shower or soaking in a bathtub is a perfect opportunity to experience aromatherapy.  Change your mood, change your outlook

"light, whipped and soapy...nourishing, moisturizing, and so aromatic...what a product" ==Shannon Repper.

Our whipped soap cleanses even the dirtiest skin while conditioning .  This is a pure luxury in the shower or bath.


Current scents:

So Fresh and So Clean
this smells like a fresher Irish Spring


Christmas Morning

Coffee, pine tree, a little clove and orange  out of stock



This scent resembles Drakkur Noir     

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