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Melting Pot Scent: Christmas Spice & Fresh Peppermint


Individually handmade of wax infused with herbs and oils, each wax vessel is cured and handpainted. We then add addition whole dried herbs to the interior of the vessel covered in oil scented wax.

As a room freshener, this is hard to beat. It can also be used as a wax melt at any point. Our Melting Pots come in small, 3 inches, and regular at 5 inches. Our 3 inch pots begin at $7 and 5 inch pots begin at $10. 

When the scent fades, you can rinse it or gently heat it for regeneration of scent. Eventually, it makes one of the best wax melts.

 Item 1 small scallop

Item 2 purple

Item 3 lg basketweave


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