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New Summer Soaps-Sea Foam, Buds and Blossoms, Wisteria Lilac, Energizing Motivation


Sea Foam

Rustic style homemade soap, scents of salt, sea grass, and fresh air.

Fresh scent. Luxury and highly moisturizing with babbasu oils, and Toussah silk.


Buds and Blossoms

Layers of fresh roses and orange blossom aromas. This is a scent of the sweet summer blooms wafting in the breeze. This combination of scents is more layered and complex than the individual scents. Rose hip oil is added to this soap. It is creamy and nourishing.This soap looks like a Herbert ice cream cake. The cake cut bars weigh 6+ ounces each.

Wisteria Lilac

Gardens deluxe! Scents of jasmine, honeysuckle, faint grape, lilacs, lavender, roses and hyacinth. This soap is topped with dried organic lavenders from our gardens.

Energizing Motivation

This Avobath -like spa scent is based in a subtle citrus, green leaves, and ozone scent. The soaps are 3.0-3.6 ounces each. The top is sprinkled with eco glitter, no allergenic.

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