Reformation Road Pottery Collection


First of all, these items are not made from clay.  They are composed of cement. They are “reformed” into pottery.  There are many differences between pottery and cement in addition to the ingredients although they may overlap each other in usefulness and purpose.  Reformation Road is a nonprofit directed by Thaddeus Henderson, LCDC and is located in Killeen, Texas.  This program is designed to assist men and women in their transition from prison in to society.  This pottery line donates to Reformation Road and the symbolism behind it; usefulness, purpose, integrity does not diminish due to the journey we are on.  The process of BECOMING is what defines us.


Cement begins as a rough medium with rocks where clay is smooth. Raw cement is put through numerous steps to reach the final product although there is always more polishing that can be done to the vessel.  Our goal is to illustrate how people are like concrete as coal is to a diamond.  Pressure and process can redefine us if we choose to endure the process of change. This pottery process takes a while.  The batter is mixed and dried.  Sometimes it molds, sometimes it breaks. The initial product is jagged, sharp, and it can cut you very easily.


We rough sand, wet sand, then fine sand. Much pressure and attention goes in to the vessel until it is smooth enough.  We then fortify the vessel several times , making it strong enough to withstand natural elements in case it is used outside.  We sand more then cure the product.  Curing is needed to allow strengthening of the chemicals. 

The nest step is to dress it up, we paint.  We seal the outer layer after completing the interior.  The interior of the vessel is also densified and fortified.  We know that inner strength often determines longevity of a person/item. The inside is also sanded and painted.  We seal the vessel twice more before the final cure.This pottery process is similar to that of the individual recently released and their family.  Reformation Road was established to assist in this transition.


Since we produce these vessels one at a time, all we have is what is shown on this website.  Some are roughter than others.  None is assembly line, machine made perfect; they all have flaws.  The vessels can be used as candle holders, pots, any type of container. Follow Reformation House on Facebook.

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