Making Our Soaps

Special Scents carries a variety of handmade soaps. Some are cold process, some are melt and pour. We carry healthy soaps made with sweet milk, goat‘s milk, yogurt, and fresh vegetables and fruits. We use honey, buttermilk, and vegetable purée as a base.

Making soap is a loved creative endeavor around here. We always do a vitamin infusion in each soap bar to maximize the health benefits.  Our standard infusion  includes vitamins A, B complex, C, D, E plus calcium, magnesium, collagen and turmeric. Many times we put even more goodness in the mix such as matcha green tea, cactus pulp, aloe vera pulp, etc. 

You will see we also grow our own herbs here.  That way, when I tell you they are organic and fresh, I can be 100% sure. My son, who has IDD, has a soaping robe.  I will add the blog I wrote about his robe in a separate blog.


Special Scents is made of fresh, clean and healthy items from nature. I would love to hear your ideas for products.  Bringing you aromatherapy plus healthy nutrients  In an excellent product is our goal.  We hope you enjoy using these as much as we do making them. 

Oh, BTW...what happens to the really UNIQUE soaps we have made?  Our families are adventurous...

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