Buying Handmade Items

There are many artisans selling wares online.  With the COVID outbreak, more people are shopping virtually; this gives the small business owner an almost equal opportunity to show their wares next to a large brand store.  Not everything that says "handmade" is actually handmade, though.

Read the "All About Us" page of the website.  Check out "the story". Are the items natural or organic? Are they environmentally safe? Does the store donate to the community? Who actually makes their items>

Special Scents Aromatherapy is a very small mom and pop business located five miles from the Ft Hood Airport in Killeen, Texas, in a counseling center.  Our products are prepared and utilized by the licensed therapists there.  The ingredients are pure and healthyl we could not have it any other way. Our clients, kids, and families use these products too.


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