We combine coconut wax and soy wax to create a softer wax that is amazing with scents.  One of our small candles, a votive, will quickly scent an average room.  8 oz candles scent four times as much.

Our candles are clean burns,vegan, ecofriendly, all natural, slow burning, nontoxic, and heavily scented (x 4) with the best herbs and oils picked at their peak.

Each candle sold is a donation to DaZona Life and Learning Center for IDD adults.

Therapeutic grade candles.

Soy Candles:

This combination wax, coconut and soy, is harder than most and has a beautiful smooth and dry finish. Soy wax has a softer scent throw than CocoSoy which is intense. We have chosen the intense category and scent our wax products six times the avarage level. When burning any candle, the following burn directions should be followed.


  • remove all paper packing and all dried items in candle (yes, even herbs)
  • trim wooden wick to 1/8 inch above candle surface if not done for you
  • burn candle using both wicks until a melted wax pool is created
  • wax pool should cover candle surface, side to side of vessel
  • do not move candle until dried
  • this will set the candle burn memory to improve the length of useage
  • some wooden wicks will sound like they are crackling (as in a fire)
  • this is a special feature of wooden wicks, do not be alarmed
  • if your candle flames are too large, extinguish immediately
  • please do not forget to never leave a burning candle unattended
  • There is always a chance that even the best vessel may crack under fire heat; left unattended, this is very dangerous.

Our candle life expectancy/burn and scent times are high due to the scents and natural ingredients we use.  If you follow these guidelines and your candle does not operate correctly, please contact us immediately so we can fix the problem.