AVAILABLE CANDLE Sizes, Vessels, Wicks, and Burn Time


OUNCES      CONTAINER/VESSEL                                                 WICK

3                   three inch pillar comes in bag or with holder          cotton

5                   Gold tin.          . .. ..                                                  wooden

8                   straight sided glass jar with lid                               wooden

                     canning jar and lid available upon request            wooden

12                 Gold Tin Collection vessels:  upright  or  bowl      wooden

16                 glass with wooden lid      3 wick candle                 wooden

                      luxury vessels                  3 wick candle                wooden


Candles over 16 ounces are currently a special order


Approximate Burn Time (based on data reports) for our CocoSoy


3. oz.        Average of 6 hours (one report of 10 hours)

5 oz          25—30 hours burn time in a tin

8 oz.         55—60 hours in a glass vessel

12 oz         80—85 hours in a tin

16 oz glass jar. , 3 wick, burns from 105—110

18 oz glass jar. 110—115 hours

                   Jars are available in black, pink, mint green, white

                    Special order candle scent of your choice in one of these jars costs $35

24 ounce glass jar. 165 — 170 hours

                     Special order candle scent of your choice + container =

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