Scents and Memories

“The House that Built Me”, sung by Miranda Lambert, is a sentimental song about an adult’s memory, from childhood, of their home. The big tree is where a pet is buried; the room where she learned to play guitar is highlighted.  Scents are also logged in our memory, associated with memories, good and bad.

Surrounding yourself with specialized memory scents is a great idea to “put you in the mood”.  This holiday, I did just that. I chose some desert candles including blueberry cobbler and pie. The homemade bread candle I enjoy when it is cold outside.  I learned that lemon scented candles eliminate odor. Yep, you guessed it. My bathroom smells delicious!  Lemon pound cake candles and soaps keep my bathroom fresh and smells delicious.

The day after Christmas, I opted for some fresh lavender candles. I am a lavender advocate.  Lavender essential oils do so much to relax our bodies neurologically. Family stress plus cooking stress plus cleaning stress and did I mention family stress? Lavender scents help me to calm down. I think I will burn lavender through January . What a great way to start the new year, relaxed.

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