The Soaping Robe 2020

In 2016, the Soaping Robe was born. My son, Tyler, is a special needs man who lives with Tom in clinic seizures, IDD, autism and mild cerebral palsy. He is categorized as “lower functioning” but has 150% heart. In 2018, Ty opted to assist me in making soap. He is not allowed around hot nor caustic items, of course. My Ty has been so helpful in measuring, taping, sorting, and so much more.

One of Ty’s favorite things (other than fishing, lion king and Barney), is a houserobe and house shoes or flip flops. When I asked Ty to be my helper, he puts on a robe and house shoes. We call it his “soaping robe” for the day.  Yes, his hair is everywhere. Yes, he is immersed in the variety of activities at hand for a while.

I am always impressed at the activities this guy can accomplish. Putting soaps in plastic baggies, he encourages the soap, “C’mon soap, you can get in here. Try.” He brings flavor to mundane actions. Ty is my craft helper and he learns so much each time.

Special needs individuals can be so instrumental in a variety of productions. I guess some people are afraid for their safety (supervise and assist), the quality of the finished product (guide and assist), or maybe the time intensity involved. When the area is prepped and dangerous items are eliminated, you will be surprised at how the Soaping Robes can fly!

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