What is Valentine‘s Day?

February is the month of romance that dates back centuries. There have been several Saint Valentine‘s throughout history. Whichever legend you choose, they all involve him being romanticized as a  sensitive male who died around 270 AD.

Anether legend begins with Happy Lupercalla which idles not have the lyrical rhythm of Happy Valentine‘s Day. Lupercalla was a fertility feast held on Febuary 15. Dedicated to Fanus (a Roman god of agriculture) and the Roman founders, Romulus and Remus.The ceremony involved sacrifices and names drawn from a hat: Yep, men drew a woman‘s name from an urn and they had to spend the next year together. This was the first blind dating service in history.

Later Valentine‘s Day celebrations, during the Victorian age, were much more pristine and proper. Cards were illustrated and delivered to a paramour. Chocolates and flowers became popular. Some historians and anthropologists believe romance was not the motivator.

The card was to show the pursuer was educated and could write; the paramour was educated and could read. The card was also hand sketched and very expensive.  Secondly, chocolates were a handmade and often imported delicacy considered heavy aphrodisiacs to get the paramour a little frisky.  Thirdly, flowers made them both smell better. Baths were bimonthly at most.

Valentine‘s Day has always been about romance (sort of). We have a few suggestions for you scent wise:

—buy your special person a scent THEY like

—candles, soaps, lotions, Bathsalts are all very affective at mood enhancement

—aromatherapy is a powerful tool and has 0 calories 


Happy Lalapalooza...uh, Lupercalla.

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