Fresh From The Garden

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Gardening is a great way to get back to Mother Earth. Our products are organic, clean and pure.  These scents are the same. They are scented x 6, so your home will light up with wonderful natural scents.


Mama's Roses

This scent is made from pure rose oil.


Seleste's Sweet Enchantment

 This is catorgorized as a Spring scent in our records.  There is a berries base with ripe pear override to this woodsy scent.

Top notes:  juicy berries, ripe pears

Middle notes: spring florals

Base notes: soft musk, green wood0


Orange Blossom Special

Sweet, soft, delicate this is a summer and spring scent.

Top notes:  Pettigrain, Bergamont

Middle notes: jasmine, neroli, orange blossom

Base notes: sandalwood


Japanese Cherry Blossom

A Spring scent, this has a heavy undertone with light floral notes.

Top notesL  cherry blossoms, magnolia, ozone

Middle notes:  cherry, rose

Base notes: tonka bean, sandalwood

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