Memory Candle–––Huge Hurricane Candle with Wax Melts Blueberry Pumpkin

$30 $50

                  ***    By.  Special Order only  ***
The 1“ outer candle ring does not burn in this Hurricane Candle.  The middle candle is what burns.  This solid candle also carries at least 10 CocoSoy Wickless wax melts on top of it.

You can use the wax melts separately or burn with the candle. If you burn wax melts with candle, you will need a candle holder at least four inches deep for melting. Then, you can scrape wax melts and reuse them in wax melter.

After the wax melts and the two part candle in the middle have burned, you will still have the outer ring of the candle intact. It can then be used as a container indefinitely. 

This very long lasting and multiuse candle is a Memory Candle. Once you give this as a gift, it remains.
Each Memory Candle is made individually tospecs.  None are identified, variance occurs. This item is not returnable.

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