Special Scents Aromatherapy

Summer Candles-Sea Foam, Buds and Blossoms, Wisteria Lilac, Energizing Motivation


Sea Foam Candle

Scent notes: salt, fresh air,

Bottom notes: sea grass

This is a strong aroma but not harsh. It is a fresh scent that quickly fills 500+ sq ft. It can promptly eliminate foul odors.

Fresh Scent/Deoderizing

Buds and Blossoms 

Layers of fresh roses and orange blossom aromas.this is a scent of sweet summer blooms wafting in the breeze.

Garden Scent


Wisteria Lilac

What delicious aromas: jasmine, honeysuckle, light grape, lilacs, lavender, roses and hyacinth.

Floral Scent


Energizing Motivation

Avobath-like spa scent : mild citrus, green leaves, ozone scent layers.


Our candles are 100% organic with a clean burn. We use all natural wooden wicks. Our containers are made of reusable glass. We heavily scent our candles (x6) to maximum load level. These 8 oz candles quickly fill a 1000+ sq ft area in 20-30 minutes of burning. 

Our 8 ounce candles, burned in 20-30 minute intervals, last well over 60 hours burn time.

Jar candle: $10

Apothecary Jar: $11

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