Special Scents Aromatherapy

Smudge Pots


Handmade of wax mixed with ground organic herbs and oils, the vessel is handpainted. Whole herbs are then added. Each smudge pot series has  the same ingredients.

This green series contains oils of rosemary and cyprus, organic sage, whole rosemary and sweetgrass. All natural aromatherapy, this smudge pot emits cleansing wherever you place it. After six months, place it in a na5ural vessel and burn the pot for cleansing.

Smudge Pots come in small, 3 inches, and regular, 5 inches. The price of each pot is based on the weight of the pot. Small starts at $5 and regular starts at $10.  Approximate refresh needed after 6 months.

Vessel can be burned as a wax melt as well.

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