So Fresh and So Clean Organic CocoSoy Candles, Gold Series, 12 oz

$20 $50

The Gold Series, Gold Tin

12 ounce organic candles, reusable tin

These are a different presentation than our jar candles.  A little fancier, these tins add luxury to any environment.

These all organic and recyclable candles come with a pure color pigment (none), crackling wooden wicks, 100% CocoSoy Organic Wax.  The tins are easily recycled as a keepsake or another candle.

We power scent our wax x 6 the regular amount, providing a very long lasting and Slow burning candle, over 80 Hours burn time


This scent is a fresh from the shower soap smell, similar to Irish Spring.

So Fresh, So Clean

Top notes: Sicilian bergamot, Wild lavender. Cool cyclaman, Lemon, Verbena

Middle notes: White rucalyptus, fern, red geranium,iris. violet

Base notes: cedarwood, labdanum, transparent musk, olibanum, sandalwood, ambergris


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