Specials Wickless Wax Melts

Wickless Melts Collection

We offer many scents for your selection. Each of us has differing experiences that are tied to specific scents. The smell of Grandma’s kitchen, the crackling of a fireplace on a cold night, the rain in spring, special events and special people in our lives often have comforting scents associated with them in our memory. We would be honored to assist you in positive scent recall. We will continue to add scents; if you need one we do not stock, please send us an email. I will try to accommodate you. Sometimes using a Wickless Candle Melt actually clarifies a scent differently from the candle experience. We offer two options for each Wickless Candle Melt. One is the Traditional which is the original plastic trays. The second is what we call a ‘Special. The scent is the same, but we put a lagniappe spin, the little extra, on it as well. We use embeds, mics, clays, and a lot of organic herbs and dried fruit.

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