Soap Loaf




A soap loaf is the entire loaf of soap prior to being cut into bars. You can purchase a soap loaf from us cut or not cut into individual bars.  A soap loaf can be plain with a smooth top or "fancy" with a fancy top.  If you wish to order a loaf, please order here.  Describe your scent preference, colors, etc. in NOTES  section of the checkout page. We will email you a confirmation email and discuss the details.  We have a list of loaf sizes for you to choose from.

Available Soap Loaf

Lace and White Roses.


Fancy Apple Spice Loaf   SOLD

It is heavily scented in Spiced Apple Cider, topped heavily with soap icing, 3 inches tall. Mini soap apples, handpainted, adorn the loaf with enviroglitter in red sprinkled.

Each bar of soap will be 5 ounces, selling for $1.30 per ounce.

This loaf is also for sale, $1.30 per ounce. Call for details if you are interested.


Currently, we have done soap loaf available. 



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