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Whiskey Candles. Prohibition Libation Collection


The Water of Life, as whiskey was known, was a favorite beverage during Prohibition.  Whiskey quality spanned the gamut, from rot gut to a fine Kentucky Bourbon, aged in oak barrels.

Our whiskey scent is a mid scent.  It is not reeking of cheap alcohol but does not have the smoky oak undertones as our Kentucky Bourbon scent does. We proudly offer whiskey CocoSoy candles any liquor runner would have been proud of in the 1920‘s.


This is a clean scent.  Called "the water of life", this candle is presented in a glass holder.

Top notes:  alcohol, smoked oak

Middle notes: patchouli, birch, tar

Base notes: smoke, oak, tonka, beer


These are very long lasting and wax less melts stay scented for numerous burns.


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